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Monday 3 October 2022
Episode 22

That Betty magic

Betty finally helps T-Bang get his mojo back which leads to him changing the product name. Archie Senior allays Duma’s fears. Betty promises to make it up to Duma after he complains about feeling neglected and Israel organizes a gig for Reggie.

Tuesday 4 October 2022
Episode 23

Daddy’s boy

Betty and Duma move their relationship to the next level with a gift, but Duma’s insecurity with his relationship with Archie raises Betty’s suspicions. Linda discovers that Archie is an anonymous investor in Nubia. Reggie hypes up his upcoming performance at the fundraising hall.

Wednesday 5 October 2022
Episode 24


Betty presents the Gin campaign but is suspended when she supports T-Bang who refuses to make some changes. Nubia defaults on repaying the loan and Archie claims Dingaan’s 10% share.

Monday 10 October 2022
Episode 25

And…she’s back!

Betty gets her job back but is then forced to make a call that could put it all in jeopardy again. Dingaan is angry at his father but is also forced to accept he messed up. Despite Reggie’s warnings, Mpilo pursues Zaza.

Tuesday 11 October 2022
Episode 26


Betty struggles to find the courage to say no while pushing a secret mission to pitch for the Township Fitness Program to a potential sponsor. Dingaan tries his best to make his parents reconcile but that opens up old wounds and he is left with more questions than answers.

Mpilo is surprised at Zaza’s reaction to his kind gesture.

Wednesday 12 October 2022
Episode 27

Snowballing secrets

Betty and Duma almost have a romantic first time, but Duma ruins it by telling her who he really is. Zaza and Mpilo have a disastrous first date which ends with mogodu in Mpilo’s face. Dingaan confronts Linda about her paying their dad to stay away.

Monday 17 October 2022
Episode 28

Liar Liar

Now she knows Duma’s dark secret, Betty hates that she has to lie and deceive everyone around her. Conflicted Dingaan prepares to officially welcome Archie as a Nubia shareholder. Zaza leads a smitten Mpilo on a merry dance.

Tuesday 18 October 2022
Episode 29

Charity begins at home

Betty gets her act together and secures a sponsor for the NGO campaign. Brandon’s suspicions that there is more to Duma and Archie than meets the eye. Zaza and Mpilo go on a fancy date.

Wednesday 19 October 2022
Episode 30

Between a rock and a hard place

Betty gives Duma a last chance to plead his case. Dingaan bonds with his father, reminiscing about the past, but then Brandon drops a bombshell. Mpilo and Zaza’s young relationship is dealt a shattering blow.

Monday 24 October 2022
Episode 31

My brother from another father

Betty does her best to reunite the Jiyane brothers but finds it tough going. Dingaan and Duma bump heads in a big way. Reggie’s music career takes off as he finds a muse in Mamiki.

Tuesday 25 October 2022
Episode 32

No brother of mine

Betty tries to stop Dingaan from firing Duma. Dingaan is still being manipulated by Archie, but seems to be making some headway in the battle. Oba has plans for him and Lakhe but she is conflicted.

Wednesday 26 October 2022
Episode 33

Desperate times, desperate measures

Duma tries to warn Betty that Archie is not who he appears to be and he has a plan of his own. Furious at Ethel, Betty thinks it might be time for her to move out. Inspired by Mamiki Reggie decides to get in touch with AJ.

Monday 31 October 2022
Episode 34

It’s not personal, it’s assistance

Betty struggles with her new PA, but must accept her to help Duma get his contract through. She gets another debt notice from the university, unsure of how she is going to handle it with all her other expenses.

When Dingaan feels like Duma is taking his place in Linda’s life, he turns to Archie who embraces him, and he reconnects with Brandon. Lakhe is conflicted about Oba’s relationship demands and finds out that the Nubia throne is in play.


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