FNU Student Portal Login | Fiji National University (FNU) Contact Details, How to Change/retrieve login Password & Fiji National University (FNU) Alumni Portal. 

Fiji National University (FNU) Student Portal - www.fnu.ac.fj

We gladly provide you with the Guidelines on how to access the Fiji National University Student Portal Login – www.FNU.ac.za for newly admitted (freshers) and returning students.

Fiji National University Student Portal  

The Fiji National University Portal is created for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Direct entry, Staff, remedial, part-time fresh, and returning students of the Institution to create an account or log in to perform certain academic actions at ease.

With a single point of access and a hub for all applications, information, and material, the FNU student portal also provides an engaging student experience.

A student portal is a term that refers to the login page where students can enter their username and password to receive access to an educational organization’s programs as well as other learning resources and information. For example, a student enrolled in an online certification program can utilize a student portal to access online course materials maintained on the school’s servers, such as articles, lectures, and videos.

Information about the school, special events, course details, calendars, academic resources, and contact information can all be found on student portals. The Fiji National University (FNU) student portal can also be integrated with other systems to give students convenient access to personal information using the student portal and also for specific purpose which involves; FNU Course Registration; FNU Fees Payment; Checking your semester result; Viewing your FNU Admission status and printing your admission letter; Acceptance fee Payment; Viewing your FNU transcript; Keeping track of the semester academic calendar; Applying for extra credit hours; Deferment of Admission, tracking bursary, awards, Accommodations, Fees, and school medical insurance. on this Educative Page, you will get to see information about the official Fiji National University student portal and website.

How To Login To Fiji National University (FNU) Student Portal

  • Go to:  https://www.fnu.ac.fj/student/
  • Kindly log in with your username and password
  • Once logged in, you will be able to perform any of the academic activities

Fiji National University (FNU) Registration

 How do I get my username and password?

Newly admitted students who have been accepted into a programme and have received an Offer Letter, would have received their PC username and password in their letter.  To request for a Student Email Account, by using any other of your email contact, please email ITS Service Desk on the contact information below, attached with your offer letter.  Students are advised to use their Student Email Account while activating their Moodle Account.

Continuing students, to log into Moodle and for PC login can use their Banner ID and password. If your account has been deactivated or you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password at our Password_Changepage

How To Change/Reset Fiji National University (FNU) Student Portal Login Password

Have you forgotten your password to log in to the FNU Student profile and/or portal? Don’t worry, kindly follow these steps to retrieve or change your password:

  1. To start, go to the Portal Login screen
  2. Next, click on the Forgot/Change Password link: https://services.fnu.ac.fj/sms/Passwordchange.aspx, fill and enter the required details
  3. Click on the submit button

Fiji National University (FNU) Student Profile

How do I check my Fiji National University (FNU) Student Profile?

  1. Open Student Self-Service link https://selffnu.ac.fj/StudentSelfService/
  2. Enter username and password
  3. Click on the Banner Menu icon
  4. Click Banner → Student → Student Profile
  5. You can verify your Bio, and general and graduation information with your Curriculum details such as degree, admit term, etc.

For any queries related to your profile, contact [email protected]

Fiji National University (FNU) Programme Structure

How do I check my Programme Structure?

  1. Open Student Self-Service link https://selffnu.ac.fj/StudentSelfService/
  2. Enter username and password
  3. Click on the Banner Menu icon
  4. Click Banner → Student → Programme Structure
  5. Select academic year
  6. Search for programmes
  7. Click on each hyperlink to view Courses

Fiji National University (FNU) Courses (Drop) Registration

How do I register for or drop courses?

  1. Open Student Self-Service link https://selffnu.ac.fj/StudentSelfService/
  2. Enter username and password
  3. Click on the Banner Menu icon
  4. Click Banner → Student → Registration → Banner Registration → Register for Classes
  5. Select Term to register and click continue
  6. Search for Couse Number and Subject
  7. Click View Linked → Add All after you have decided which linked courses to take
  8. Click Submit in the summary section
  9. To drop courses, click drop CRN in action in the summary section

For any queries related to Registration, contact [email protected]

Fiji National University (FNU) Contact Details

he Fiji National University has its Information Desk under Enrolment Management Department. The information desk is operating from counter no. 3 and 4 in the Old Admin Block, Ground Floor.

Services rendered are as follows:

  • General Enquiries.
  • Dispensing of application forms and prospectus.
  • Submission/Receiving of application forms.
  • Online application enquiries.
(679) 347 9200
Placement Cell
Contact Person Fiji National University
Contact number (679) 347 9200
Email eoeng fnu.ac.fj



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